1. For every $40 minimum in completed sales, you earn 1 reward point. Reward Points are calculated on the paid sales per invoice total, excluding shipping & handling, excluding discounts (such as redeemed reward points), excluding taxes (when applicable).

 2. Each reward point is equivalent to $1 in-store credit only. NO CASH VALUE

 3. You must accumulate a minimum of 10 reward points before you can use it at check out.

 4. Reward points and Referral points/$ are capped at 500 points. No expiry date.

 5. Loyalty Reward Points are not considered cash and do not have any monetary value. If your account is deleted per your request or due to policy violation(s) or account misuse, all unused reward points at that time will be invalid and are non-transferrable.

Loyalty Reward points program is a privilege. We reserve the right to make necessary changes or even remove the program with 30-day advance notice. Method of a valid written notice would be our Email Newsletter, our News Blog and any authorized content posted on our website.

Note: Currently reward points cannot be used to pay for shipping and/or taxes on the invoice.

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