Horizon PRO-20B
$29.00 per unit
Product Description

Horizon PRO-20B Digital Jewelry Scale, 20g by 0.001g

Horizon PRO-20B is a light-weight and compact professional jewelry scale. With its 20g capacity, 0.001g readability, and multiple weighing modes, PRO-20B is ideal for measuring precious metals (platinum, gold, silver) and stones (diamonds), herbs and medication, industrial and lab specimens, and reloading.
0.001g / 0.005 ct / 0.02gn accuracy
Portable precision scale
Suitable for jewelry, gold, stones, medication, reloading gram, grain, carat, pennyweight modes
LCD display with backilght

Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"
Weight: 60g /2.2oz (without batteries)
Capacity: 20g/100ct/308.6gn/12.86dwt
Accuracy: 0.001g/0.005ct/0.02gn/0.001dwt
Auto Off: 60 seconds
Platform Size: 1.Four (4) 1.4"
Units: g/ct/gn/dwt
Power: AAA x 4 (included)

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